History Of The AL Auxiliary


The American Legion Auxiliary is first established to support The American Legion.

The first National Convention convenes in Kansas City, MO. The Poppy of Flanders Field becomes the memorial flower of the Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary moves its National Headquarters to the War Memorial Plaza in Indianapolis, IN.

It is decided that only veteran-made poppies will be distributed by the Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary establishes Junior membership.

The American Legion Auxiliary’s Bulletin becomes the National News.

The Girls State program is created.

The Auxiliary’s program for the rehabilitation of disabled veterans is created.

The first Girls Nation is held in Washington, DC.

The first Golden Press/Golden Mike media awards are presented.

The first Women’s Fourum on National Security convenes in Washington.

The Auxiliary Emergency Fund is established.

Cavalcade of Memories is established at National Headquarters.

President Carter signs a bill extending Legion eligibility to Vietnam-era veterans.

The first Awareness Assembly is held in Washington, DC, replacing The Women’s Forum.

Heart of America Awards are initiated, replacing the Golden Press/Golden Mike Awards.

Eligibility is extended to veterans of Grenada, Lebanon, and Panama.

Eligibility is extended to veterans of the Persian Gulf hostilities.

The 50th session of Girls Nation is celebrated.

The American Legion Auxiliary celebrates it 80th year.

The American Legion Auxiliary becomes a host sponsor of the Department of National Veterans Creative Arts Festival.

In response to the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001, Auxiliary members donated nearly $100,000 to various relief efforts.

American Legion Auxiliary members respond to the wartime deployment of U.S. Troops overseas in “Operation Iraqi Freedom

American Legion Auxiliary National President JoAnn Cronin raises over $100,000 for the Auxiliary’s co-hosted event: the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival.

American Legion Auxiliary National President Jan Pulvermacher-Ryan begins an endowment fund for the National President’s Scholarship entitled “Educating Children of Warriors.” The goal is $1.2 million.

The Auxiliary moves its National Headquarters to 8945 N. Meridian Street in Indianapolis.

November 10, 2009 the American Legion Auxiliary celebrates its 90th anniversary ofService Not Self for Veterans, God and Country.

The Cavalcade of Memories

The Cavalcade of Memories is the American Legion Auxiliary’s institutional memory, housing historical memorabilia, donated by members past and present. The National Cavalcade is housed at 777 N. Meridian St., on the third floor of the Auxiliary National Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Cavalcade chronicles the American Legion Auxiliary’s eight-decades of service to America. Items include Past National President’s clothing, antique furniture, back issues of the National News magazine, and even items from the great pilgrimage to France in 1927 to commemorate America’s anniversary of entering World War I.
Types of Artifacts Housed in the Cavalcade of Memories:

  • Badges & Pins – Past National Presidents’ pins and badges, convention badges,
  • Books – History, bound National issues, biographies
  • Clothing – WAC uniform, Mrs. Barrett’s dress, hospital volunteer uniform, hats
  • Cups And Plates – Naval plate collection, convention plates, special National President project plates, cup & saucer collections form Past National Presidents
  • Figurines & Dolls – Ceramic, wood, etc., FIDAC porcelain dolls
  • Flags – From first National President, Mrs. Hobart
  • Furniture – Cabinets, book shelves, desk, tables, mirrors, old radio, chairs
  • Memorabilia – Past National President membership theme items, crocheted emblem, special projects items of Past National Presidents
  • Paintings
  • Photographs – Past National Presidents, Honorary National Junior Presidents, events, programs
  • Plaques & Awards – Honoring American Legion Auxiliary as an organization and to individuals from various organization (CMN, Kidney Foundation, MDA, Educational Communications, CARE, Freedoms Foundation, Golden Mike awards)
  • Poppy Materials – Old silk and paper poppies, Moina Michael memorabilia, poppy stamps, poppy music, poppy scarf
  • Scrapbooks & Photo Albums – From Past National Presidents, WWI diary of drill team member, Christmas cards from Past National Presidents, programs (States Dinners), Christmas cards form National Headquarters,
  • Silver Pieces – coffee service, trays, bowls and trophies
  • Videos, old Records and Audio TapesHistory provided by http://www.legion-aux.org/